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Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Research

The team at AgileBrain® routinely conducts research studies of full-time employees. Our primary focus is on employee well-being with the goal of helping employers understand what they could do better to support their teams.


Workforce Listening 6

Return of the Great Resignation?

Focused on the change in attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral intentions for top level priorities of C-Suite executives. Well-being remains a major theme in this 6th Workforce Listening Study, including:

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The Emotional Toll of COVID-19

Leading Indicator Systems – April 2020

COVID-19’s Deepening Crisis of Employee Wellbeing
Leading Indicator Systems – October 2020
Employee Emotional Wellbeing Crisis Takes a Dangerous Turn
Leading Indicator Systems – April 2021
Employee Attitudes Toward Personal Growth and Fulfillment
Leading Indicator Systems – October 2021
State of the American Worker
Leading Indicator Systems – April 2022
Return of the Great Resignation?
Leading Indicator Systems – October 2022

Neuroscience & Emotional Needs Peer Reviewed Research

Science of Emotions

Think of everything you know about emotions. What words pop into your mind when I say “emotions”?  Feelings? Thoughts? Or

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