AgileBrain for Coaches

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AgileBrain is a subscription-based community and technology platform, enabling you to integrate emotional measurement and neuroscience into your coaching practice.

  • Engage new clients faster – accelerate the time to insight and trust
  • Structure discussions – empower clients to talk about difficult topics and issues
  • Support client growth – build their self-awareness to overcome emotional blocks
  • Retain clients longerAgileBrain check-ins re-engage relationships
  • Build your practice – tap into the expertise and experience of other coaches and neuroscientists
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What People Are Saying about AgileBrain


“AgileBrain is a wonderful tool. It helps me get to my clients’ most important issues quickly, and, as a scientist, I appreciate the science behind it. AgileBrain is a “go to” tool on my bench.”

Ofelia Olivero

PhD, ICF, ACC, Life Coach, Cancer Researcher and Author, Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Science

AgileBrain Membership Includes...

Access the AgileBrain technology platform, where you can:

  • Launch AgileBrain assessments for clients and prospects
  • Select from a set of targeted prompts to focus on your client’s specific issues
  • Receive notifications when assessments are completed
  • Link prospects and clients directly to your online calendar to schedule debriefs
  • Access clients’ AgileBrain Profiles and AgileBrain 10 States enhanced profiles
  • Access resources, including user guides, videos, research and support
  • Signup for orientation and other events
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Membership in the AgileBrain Community of Coaches, where you can:

  • Participate in the monthly Coaching Forum to network, share best practices, learn about new neuroscience research
  • Sign-up for orientation, training events and office hours with AgileBrain experts
  • Engage in continuous conversation online with like-minded professionals
  • Collaborate with other coaches in your focus area, like women in business, neurodiversity, trauma-informed care, and emotional intelligence
  • Learn ways to enhance and expand your practice

Solutions for Coaches

For People

Used by coaches and consultants to support positive personal growth.

  • Speed to insight
  • Powerful conversation
  • Deeper understanding
  • Trust building
  • Greater individual engagement
What We Deliver
  • AgileBrain exercise
  • Rich individual profile
  • Easy-to-apply methodology

For Teams

Used by coaches and consultants to support positive team change. 

  • Speed to insight
  • Powerful conversation
  • Shared understanding
  • Trust building
  • Greater team performance
What We Deliver
  • AgileBrain exercise
  • Rich team profile
  • Easy-to-apply methodology

For Culture

Used by organizations to build healthier cultures.

  • Fun, dynamic workshops
  • Organizational buy-in
  • Predictive models tied to key outcomes like  engagement and retention
  • Roadmap to a healthier culture
What We Deliver
  • Culture workshops
  • Employee surveys
  • Analytics and insights

AgileBrain for Coaches Pricing


Ideal for coaches who are
just starting out
$ 250
00 Year
  • $25 per Report
  • $50 MSRP
  • Community Membership
  • Technology Platform
  • $500 per Group Report


Ideal for coaches who are
actively coaching
$ 500
00 Year
  • Lower Report Price
  • $50 MSRP
  • Community Membership​
  • Technology Platform​
  • $500 per Group Report


Ideal for coaches who are
actively coaching & marketing
$ 1000
00 Year
  • Lowest Report Price
  • $50 MSRP
  • Community Membership​
  • Technology Platform​​
  • $500 per Group Report