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About Us

AgileBrain is on a mission to help humans value emotions.


Who We Are

Think of AgileBrain as your partner to identify, understand and channel emotions to make positive change.

What We Do

AgileBrain merges 125 years of psychological theory of emotions and motivations with cutting edge neuroscience to measure emotions comprehensively (it’s all there), accurately (it’s validated) and comprehensibly (it makes sense).

Abstract brain
Multipule Emotions

Why We Do It

Neuroscience has conclusively shown that emotions, more than rational thinking, drive behaviors. But there has been no practical way to measure emotions… until now. AgileBrain has been validated to measure human emotions 2-5x more accurately than traditional (rational) assessments and surveys. Use it yourself to get in touch with your emotions. Use it in your organization to tap into the power and insight of your employees’ emotions.

The Team

Pamela Argandoña VP, Customer Success

Pam Argandoña

VP Client Success

Bill Nolen​ Headshot

Dr. Bill Nolen

Chief Scientist

Carl Nergararian VP Technology

Carl Nergararian

VP Technology

John Penrose CEO of AgileBrain

John Penrose


JD Pincus Headshot

Dr. JD Pincus

Chief Innovation Officer

Ali Rayfield, Chief Revenue Officer

Ali Rayfield

Chief Revenue Officer

AgileBrain VP of Marketing Peter Sidewater

Peter Sidewater

VP Marketing

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