Case Study: AgileBrain & Jay Mandel – Reshaping Brand Strategy with a Coaching Approach

Case Study: AgileBrain & Jay Mandel - Reshaping Brand Strategy with a Coaching Approach


Jay Mandel,  a coach, consultant, professor in brand marketing, and author of the book “Brand Strategy in Three Steps,” works with individuals and companies looking to gain a deeper, more emotional understanding of themselves and how they work. This case study explores how AgileBrain became integral to Mandel’s approach, enhancing his already successful methodology detailed in his book “Brand Strategy in Three Steps.”

Jay believes that  effective professional development for clients, from university students to corporate leaders and health practitioners is based on core values. However, traditional methods of establishing core values may not always reveal deeper truths. Jay also considers self-awareness and understanding of emotional triggers crucial to success in academia or the workplace.

Before AgileBrain

Before implementing AgileBrain, Jay’s approach to establishing core values focused primarily on asking people about their feelings. However, he realized that this method didn’t always reveal underlying truths.

AgileBrain changed this dynamic. 

Jay integrated AgileBrain into his methodology for defining core values, unlocking a deeper layer of motivations for individuals and companies. This process often leads to eye-opening discoveries about hidden motivations that lie beneath the surface. Embracing vulnerability, whether as an individual or a company, is where transformation begins. It presents an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and consequently, a better understanding of customers. With AgileBrain, Jay and his team can confidently establish ROI-focused approaches and craft branding narratives that profoundly resonate with diverse audiences. The real magic unfolds in these deeper, authentic engagements, where true branding success lies.

AgileBrain Integration: Crafting Personalized Brand Stories 

Jay harnessed the power of AgileBrain’s adaptable system to create customized strategies that align with his unique coaching and consulting approach. This allows him to delve into the essence of each brand, weaving strategies that reflect their core values and stories, thereby forging a deeper, more meaningful connection with their ideal niche audience.

AgileBrain’s Applications in Jay Mandel’s Multifaceted Career

Integration in Brand Strategy

Jay identified AgileBrain as the missing element in his book “Brand Strategy in Three Steps,” where the three steps of identity, intention, and implementation can now be coupled with measurable emotional understanding, eventually helping to create quantifiable and meaningful strategies for his clients, including students, coaching clients, and small to mid-sized businesses.

Enhancing Identity and Intention

AgileBrain helped stress-test and refine brand identities, allowing Jay to align branding methodologies closely with his client’s core values and principles. This process involved understanding identity, setting intentions based on a reconciled identity, and implementing strategies.

Classroom Application

In his teaching roles at various universities, Mandel starts every class by focusing on core values and introduces AgileBrain to provide students with a deeper understanding of their personal values. This approach illuminated differences in values and worldviews among students at different stages of their educational journey.

Observations from Student Populations:  

Jay teaches the final class of master’s degree students at a University in Suburban Connecticut and freshmen at another university in New York City. AgileBrain revealed that the suburban Master’s students were more fearful about entering the workforce, whereas the younger NYC students were more ambitious and fearless, reflecting their respective environments and stages in life. Jay encourages students to integrate AgileBrain at different stages of their careers for a deeper understanding of their emotional landscapes. 

Impactful Learning Moments

The AgileBrain process led students to moments of awareness, sometimes uncovering underlying anxieties or stresses they hadn’t previously recognized.

Customization for Various Sectors

Jay’s work with diverse industries and sectors identifies a need for different AgileBrain prompts depending on the sector, whether marketing, advertising, or mental health, highlighting the tool’s versatility.

Embedding AgileBrain in Coaching Practices

Jay encourages other coaches to consider integrating AgileBrain into their practices, suggesting it can enhance the value and depth of their services.

Results & Benefits: A Deeper Impact 

While quantitative metrics like ROI are crucial, the qualitative shift in Jay’s approach brought about by AgileBrain was remarkable. Clients experience profound realizations and stronger brand connections, indicating a significant enhancement in strategy effectiveness. This qualitative improvement has consistently led to heightened client satisfaction and impactful brand stories that resonate with audiences.


Jay Mandel’s integration of AgileBrain into his practice exemplifies the power of a coaching-focused approach to branding. This case study demonstrates the importance of crafting brand narratives that resonate deeper, highlighting AgileBrain as an essential tool in achieving effective, story-driven brand strategies.

To gain a deeper understanding of your personal or corporate brand story, consider taking the AgileBrain assessment. Experience it for yourself and unlock valuable insights by visiting This proactive step can enhance your approach to brand strategy and personal development. Additionally, for more information about AgileBrain and its comprehensive services, visit their official website at This proactive step can enhance your approach to brand strategy and personal development.

About Jay Mandel 

Jay Mandel is not just a branding expert but a coach who shapes brand stories from the inside out, deeply invested in the AgileBrain Brand Strategy. With a dynamic career encompassing roles as an entrepreneur, professor, and dad, Jay sought to integrate AgileBrain’s unique capabilities into his work, making it a cornerstone of his branding practice. His collaboration with AgileBrain in developing effective brand strategies is a testament to his commitment to evolving branding practices. Focusing not just on ROI and numbers, Jay’s approach with AgileBrain Brand Strategy is a beacon for those seeking to create authentic, impactful brand stories that resonate on a deeper, more personal level.

Discover more about Jay’s unique methodologies in his book, “Brand Strategy in Three Steps”, available on For further insights and resources, visit Jay Mandel’s official website at

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