AgileBrain Partners with ICF Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people in their time of need.


AgileBrain Ukraine Initiative Provides Free Access to Emotional Wellbeing Assistance for the People of Ukraine in Partnership with ICF Ukraine

ORLANDO, FL, USA at the ICF Converge 2023 Conference


August 24, 2023

Leading Indicator Systems (d/b/a AgileBrain), a Boston-based emotional measurement technology startup, announced its AgileBrain for Ukraine (AB4U) program, in cooperation with the Ukraine Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (“ICF Ukraine”). “We are honored to be working with the Ukrainian coaching community to help the people of Ukraine,” said John Penrose, CEO at AgileBrain. Now, over 400 Ukrainian coaches will have access to AgileBrain’s innovative technology to expand their coaching in the area of emotional intelligence and regulation and help their clients build emotional resilience and wellbeing. “AgileBrain is an important new tool to empower our member coaches’ personal and professional growth for the benefit of their clients and their own coaching practices,” said Alina Sviatnenko, President of ICF Ukraine.

AgileBrain is a breakthrough emotional measurement technology that helps people identify their unmet emotional needs and, working with a coach, implement positive change in their lives, work and relationships. The technology uses rapid exposure to images in order to measure unmet emotional needs. Used by coaches, AgileBrain helps them engage their clients in powerful discussion and accelerate the time to insight and positive change. Developments in neuroscience and behavioral psychology have clearly demonstrated the important, even dominant, role of emotions in human behaviors. AgileBrain has developed an integrated framework for human emotions and a neuroscience-based technology for measuring those emotions. “People can be highly activated emotionally but, until now, lacked the means to accurately measure those emotions and the vocabulary to talk about them effectively,” explained Penrose. “This is particularly important in a place like Ukraine where unmet emotion needs are high at this time. The simple explanation might be to attribute those needs to a desire for more feelings of safety, but emotional needs are often much more complex, like the feelings associated with authenticity and caring when people are forced to abandon the roles that defined them and suddenly find themselves refugees,” Penrose added, “AgileBrain pinpoints those needs and provides a framework for processing them.”

Ukrainian will be the second language (after English) available on the AgileBrain platform, and other regional languages will be added thereafter, reflecting the regional impact of the current situation. The cooperation will provide Ukrainian coaches training on the neuroscience of emotions, free access to the AgileBrain platform and preferential rates on AgileBrain subscriptions in the future. “I’ve seen the power of AgileBrain in my coaching work,” said Oleg Lavrynovych, a Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach, ICF Ukraine member and the AgileBrain for Ukraine coordinator, “it is remarkable how quickly and accurately AgileBrain surfaces my clients’ true emotional needs.”

About Leading Indicator Systems (d/b/a AgileBrain)

Leading Indicator Systems, a trusted partner to the human capital industry for more than 20 years, is the developer of the AgileBrain emotional measurement system. AgileBrain offers breakthrough, neuroscience-based emotional / motivational measurement technology to measure and explain human emotions. AgileBrain has been validated in six large-scale validation studies, peer-reviewed in five academic articles and tested with coaches in a long-duration trial. Coaches subscribe to the AgileBrain platform to support their client work, access cutting edge emotional research and collaborate in a community of like-minded professionals.

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About ICF Ukraine

ICF Ukraine Chapter is the Ukrainian branch of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF Ukraine Chapter was created in June 2017. As of August 1, 2023, 403 professional coaches are members of ICF Ukraine Chapter, among which 8 coaches have attained the MCC (Master Certified Coach) level, 110 coaches the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level, and 107 coaches the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level. The ICF Chapter in Ukraine operates as “International Coaching Federation Ukraine”, a public organization. Members of ICF Ukraine share the vision, mission, values, code of ethics and professional standards of the International Coaching Federation.

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