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At AgileBrain, we’re not just observers of the workplace evolution; we’re catalysts for change. Our groundbreaking research in employee wellbeing and engagement is more than a collection of statistics. It’s the heartbeat of the workforce, captured, analyzed, and shared to revolutionize the way organizations support their people.

Unparalleled Insights with Workforce Listening Study 6

Our commitment is reflected in our rigorous approach to research. We dive deep into nationally representative samples, ensuring a statistical confidence level of 95 percent. It’s not about numbers—it’s about real stories, challenges, and aspirations of employees across sectors.

Facing the Tide: The Great Resignation 2023

History repeats, and challenges resurface. The workforce exodus that blindsided many in 2021 is back, and it’s urgent to understand why. Our research doesn’t just highlight problems; it illuminates the path forward.

  • Mental Health Crisis: With rising depression levels and a staggering 80% not accessing mental health services, it’s a call to action.
  • Engagement at Risk: The growing chasm of income inequality isn’t just a financial issue. It’s an emotional deficit, eroding the very foundations of engagement and loyalty


What Sets Us Apart?

AgileBrain stands unique, especially with our proprietary emotional measurement technology. We don’t just scratch the surface. We delve into the subconscious, bringing to light the hidden drivers of employee behavior and sentiment.

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“AgileBrain is a wonderful tool. It helps me get to my clients’ most important issues quickly, and, as a scientist, I appreciate the science behind it. AgileBrain is a “go to” tool on my bench.”

Ofelia Olivero

PhD, ICF, ACC, Life Coach, Cancer Researcher and Author, Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Science

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The Return of the Great Resignation

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Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • The majority of the US workforce meets the threshold for clinical depression (p. 36). See activation and valence data (p. 37), and specific unmet emotional needs (p. 36)
  • Despite the dire news about mental health issues, only one in five currently works with a mental health professional and only three percent have a coach. (p. 42), although half of workers are open to starting to get help (p. 43)
  • The nearly fourfold spike in feeling unsafe at home has not improved, with strong emotional consequences for those affected (pp. 39-40).

Workforce Listening Study Series

AgileBrain (and Leading Indicator Systems) regularly surveys a representative sample of the US workforce to track change in emotional needs, attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral intentions over time and focuses on top level priorities of CHROs. These Workforce Listening Studies are unique in their ability to measure worker emotions, using LIS’ proprietary AgileBrain emotional measurement technology.

About Measuring Emotional Needs With AgileBrain

AgileBrain is a ground breaking image-based assessment that breaks through cognitive barriers to measure true emotional needs benefiting individuals, teams, and organizational culture.