AgileBrain - Measure Your Emotions

Transformative Change with Neuroscience Insight

Online Event: June 15th, 2-3pm EDT

As consultants, we’re trained to solve problems. Data analysis, listening skills and intellectual horsepower are stock in trade for us. But these only get us so far.

In this interactive session you’ll see how some problems are difficult to solve for even the most rational thinkers among us. That’s where AgileBrain, a transformative, neuroscience-based approach, comes in. AgileBrain measures emotions providing hard data for better analysis, a remarkable technique for stakeholder listening and new ways to help your client’s drive positive change in their organizations.

The panel includes the inventor of the AgileBrain system, Dr. JD Pincus, and two experienced consultants who have been using AgileBrain in their practices.

You’ll learn:

  • Why emotional measurement delivers unique and valuable insight
  • How two consultants are using AgileBrain to deliver exceptional client insight
  • How you could apply these techniques to grow your business.

BONUS: All participants will receive an AgileBrain Profile, providing insight into your emotional / motivational state, and a complimentary debrief with an AgileBrain professional.

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The Panel

Author David Casullo is a leadership expert and the author of Leading the High-Energy Culture. Leading Indicator Systems (LIS) works with Dave and his team at Daneli Partners to assess leadership and organizational issues.

In this webcast, Dave will discuss his experience with AgileBrain.

David is Founder and CEO of Daneli Partners and author of Leading the High-Energy Culture: What the Best CEOs Do to Create an Atmosphere Where Employees Flourish (McGraw-Hill).

David’s passion is developing leaders who have the courage and capability to change the world.

A C-suite executive, entrepreneur, leadership coach, and author, David has enabled leaders all around the world to clarify their personal truths, energize their purpose, and recommit to behaving consistently in a way that drives teams and business growth. It is this understanding, driven by his personal purpose, that brings him back home to New York State. David is motivated to act on what he’s learned, to help revitalize the region by influencing and inspiring leaders.

Author J.D. Pincus, Ph.D. is a social psychologist and human capital thought leader focusing on emerging methods for measuring emotion and motivation. He developed the unified pyramid model of human motivation and the AgileBrain measurement technique. He recently published the motivational model in the peer-reviewed journal Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science, and the application of the pyramid model to the problem of Employee Engagement and Employee Well-being.

His seminal article on the concept of motivation in applied psychology, published in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, has been cited in 187 subsequent papers. He is a Fellow of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a Washington DC-based think tank. He was named Researcher of the Year by PMRG and named to the Power List by Senior Market Advisor magazine. His book, Embracing Your AgileBrain: Identify Your Motivational Fingerprint and Pursue a Life You Really Want, is slated for publication in fall 2023.

Lynn Whitney Turner is a formally trained business coach, facilitator, and people analyst with over 20 years of experience. She has used AgileBrain with a number of her clients with great impact.

Lynn has helped businesses and boards facilitate strategic planning and thinking sessions, Innovation and Change Management initiatives, and High-Performing Teams utilizing her certifications within Virtual Collaborations, Graphic Facilitation, the Lego Serious Play Methodology and Innovation Management and Strategy through WOBI (World of Business Ideas) and the Kellogg School of Management.  

Ken Lizotte CMC is author of nine books and Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) of emerson consulting group inc., a firm that transforms business experts and companies into recognized “thoughtleaders.” A Certified Management Consultant, Ken speaks regularly to CEO Clubs, the National Speakers Association, the American Management Association, the Institute of Management Consultants, the Concord Festival of Authors and the Harvard University Extension School, to name a few.

Publication credits include columns for HuffPost, Money Inc. and the American Management Association. He resides with his family in Concord, Massachusetts where he also serves in a pro bono capacity as President of Thoreau Farm Trust, the birthplace of Henry David Thoreau.

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