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Get a True Picture of Your Client's Emotions

Measuring Emotions is Not Easy

Understanding your client’s true emotional state is key to the development of any coaching plan, but how do you accurately measure emotions?

AgileBrain is fast and fun image based assessment to us better understand ourselves and the emotions that drive us. It provides:

  • A fun and fast ice-breaker to establish the emotional baseline necessary to start your coaching process and measure your results
  • A more complete picture of your client’s TRUE emotional needs and motivations (not just what they want to tell you)
  • An easy-to-understand structure to educate and communicate with your clients
100+ years of accepted psychological theory distilled into an easy to understand framework to drive understanding and action

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“Powerful leadership arises from a deep understanding of one’s emotional needs and what truly matters; AgileBrain is a game changer.”
Dave Casullo
Executive leadership coach
Author of Leading the High Energy Culture

What is AgileBrain?​

AgileBrainSM combines fundamental insights from neuroscience, a simple, image-based solution and over 100 years of psychological theory distilled into an easy-to-understand framework, to deliver remarkably accurate emotional/motivational measurement.

Fast is the Key to Measuring Emotion

AgileBrainSM is fun and fast, taking about 2 minutes, and works on any device.

Images are More Powerful than Words

AgileBrainSM uses images to bypass cognitive bias and reach true emotional needs.

Quantifiable, Replicable, Actionable

AgileBrainSM has been rigorously tested and validated, enabling powerful conversations with confidence.

What is AgileBrain for Coaching?

AgileBrain for Coaching is designed to help you create more powerful client conversations that build your client’s emotional / motivational awareness and unlock positive change.

AgileBrain for Coaching Includes:

  • A personalized link for your clients to take AgileBrain
  • Notifications when your clients complete AgileBrain
  • Calendar integration for your clients to schedule debriefs with you directly
  • A personalized portal for you to access your client results and AgileBrain resources
  • Upfront training and ongoing support
  • Access to the monthly AgileBrain Coaching Forum for the latest emotions / motivation research, case studies and networking

It’s also a great way to show perspective coaching clients how you can get below the surface and address their true emotional needs and motivations.

100+ years of accepted psychological theory distilled into an easy to understand framework to drive understanding and action

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